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      您當前的位置:江博教育> 熱點資訊>【學習資料】掌握英語課堂常用語50句


      2021-03-10 17:31:54 來源:江博教育 作者:李爽老師






      1.請舉手。Raise your hands./ Put your hands up.

      2.請坐。Sit down./ Stand up.

      3.請坐好。Sit properly./ Sit straight.

      4.請出來。Come to the front.

      5.請回到座位。Go back to your seat.


      6.請看黑板。Look at the blackboard.

      7.請注意。Attention, please.

      8.請閉上眼睛。Close your eyes.

      9.請安靜。Please be quiet.

      10.我們來點名。Let's check the attendance.


      11.我先讀一遍。I’ll read it first.

      12.請聽好。Listen carefully.

      13.請復述。Repeat after me.

      14.請跟我讀。Read after me.

      15.再來一次。One more time.


      16.大家一起讀。Let's read it all together.

      17.大聲說。Speak out loud./ Speak up!

      18.請清晰洪亮地發言。Read it out loud and clear.

      19.明白了嗎? Do you understand?

      20.有問題嗎? Do you have any questions?


      21.我要提問了。I'Il ask you some questions.

      22.請回答問題。Please answer the questions.

      23.你能來回答一下嗎? Can you answer it?

      24.你說什么? What did you say?

      25.你能再說一遍嗎? Could you say it again?


      26.給大家發補充材料。I'Il give you a handout

      27.請傳給后座同學。Please pass it to the person behind you

      28.請在補充材料上寫上名字。Write your name on your handout

      29.請傳給我。Bring it to me.

      30.請翻到第12頁。Open your books to page12.


      31.請翻到下一頁。Turn to the next page.

      32.請合上書。Close your books.

      33.請記到筆記本上。Write it on your notebook.

      34.請到黑板上寫一下。Come and write it on the blackboard.

      35.請在下面畫橫線。Underline it.


      36.請找伙伴。Please get in pairs.

      37.請做練習題。Do the exercise.

      38.請與伙伴一起做練習。Practice with your partners.

      39.請與伙伴交流。Talk with your partners.

      40.都做完了嗎? Have you finished?


      41.我們來復習上節課的內容。Let's review the last lesson.

      42.上節課我們做什么了? What did we do last time?

      43.讓我們來對答案。Lets check the answers.

      44.我來留作業。I'Il give you some homework.

      45.不要忘了做作業。Don' t forget to do your homework.


      46.我要檢查作業。I will check your homework now.

      47.請使用英語。Please speak in English.

      48.那個用英話怎么說? What is it in English?

      49.讓我們來進行下一活動。Let's go on to the next activity.

      50. 今天就到這里。That's all for today.