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      收藏版SAT 核心詞匯

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        收藏版SAT 核心詞匯

        QUIZ 1

        1. Nothing could abate his rage.什么都不能平息他的憤怒。

        2. I am not in a position either to contradict or affirm this statement.我既不能否定這一說法,又不能肯定這一說法

        3.Affable, friendly, exceedingly shrewd, and speaking French capably, he was admirably suited for his task.殷勤,友善,非常精干,并能說流利的法語,他對他的任務確能勝任愉快。

        4.One’s appreciation of literature depends on one’s level of aesthetic knowledge.一個人對文學作品的欣賞能力, 取決于他的藝術修養。

        5.I advocate a policy of gradual reform.我擁護逐步改革的政策.

        6.They will be able to overcome adversity without ever losing their optimism.他們都能克服困難而從不喪失其樂觀主義。

        7.They will do anything to undermine their adversary’s reputation.他們會不擇手段地去損害對手的名譽。

        8.Adulation ever follows the ambitious, for such alone receive most pleasure from flattery.大凡一個很出色的人,自然就有許多人恭維他,這種人惟有受恭維巴結才快活。

        9.The dispute was settled without acrimony.這場爭論未劍拔弩張而獲解決

        10.The acrid smell carried across the table.一股辛辣的味道在桌子周圍彌漫開來。

        11.He is so independent that he will never acquiesce.他很有主見,所以絕不會順從 (同意) 。

        12.He seemed by implication to acknowledge that fact.他似乎含蓄地承認了那事實。

        13.To be chosen to represent their country is the highest accolade for most athletes.能被選拔出來代表國家參賽, 是多數運動員的最高榮譽.

        14.The film has received critical acclaim, ie praise from the critics.影片得到了評論界的贊譽.

        15.He was, in a way, immensely accessible.

        16.The involved and abstruse passage makes several interpretations possible.這段艱澀的文字可以作出好幾種解釋

        17.Abstract the story, stating only the relevant facts. ·

        18. His father, of all men, had lived a careful life, moderate, abstemious.在所有的人中,他父親是一個一生最最小心謹慎、處世中和,食用有節的人。

        19.The 9-hour Lord of the Rings trilogy was abridged to 1 1/2 hours for its television broadcast. Nothing could abate his rage.什么都不能平息他的憤怒。


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