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        1 (see 、hear 、notice 、find 、feel 、listen to 、 look at (感官動詞)+do eg:I like watching monkeys jump

        2 (比較級 and 比較級) 表示越來越怎么樣

        3 a piece of cake =easy 小菜一碟(容易)

        4 agree with sb 贊成某人

        5 all kinds of 各種各樣 a kind of 一樣

        6 all over the world = the whole world 整個 世界

        7 along with同……一道,伴隨…… eg : Iwill go along with you我將和你一起去

        the students planted trees along with their teachers 學生同老師們一起種樹

        8 As soon as 一怎么樣就怎么樣

        9 as you can see 你是知道的

        10 ask for ……求助 向…要…(直接接想要的東西) eg : ask you for my book

        11 ask sb for sth 向某人什么

        12 ask sb to do sth 詢問某人某事 ask sb not to do 叫某人不要做某事

        13 at the age of 在……歲時 eg:I am sixteen I am at the age of sixteen

        14 at the beginning of …… ……的起初;……的開始

        15 at the end of +地點/+時間 最后;盡頭;末尾 eg : At the end of the day

        16 at this time of year 在每年的這個時候

        17 be /feel confident of sth /that clause +從句 感覺/對什么有信心,自信

        eg : I am / feel confident of my spoken English I feel that I can pass the test

        18 be + doing 表:1 現在進行時 2 將來時

        19 be able to (+ v 原) = can (+ v 原) 能夠…… eg : She is able to sing She can sing

        20 be able to do sth 能夠干什么 eg :she is able to sing

        21 be afraid to do (of sth 恐懼,害怕…… eg : I'm afraed togo out at night I'm afraid of dog

        22 be allowed to do 被允許做什么

        eg: I'm allowed to watch TV 我被允許看電視 I should be allowedto watch TV 我應該被允許看電視

        23 be angry with sb 生某人的氣 eg : Don't be angry with me

        24 be angry with(at) sb for doing sth 為什么而生某人的氣

        25 be as…原級…as 和什么一樣 eg : Sheis as tall as me 她和我一樣高

        26 be ashamed to

        27 be away from 遠離

        28 be away from 從……離開

        29 be bad for 對什么有害 eg : Reading books in the sun isbad for your eyes 在太陽下看書對你的眼睛不好

        30 be born 出生于

        31 be busy doing sth 忙于做什么事 be busy with sth 忙于……

        32 be careful 當心;小心

        33 be different from…… 和什么不一樣

        34 be famous for 以……著名

        35 befriendly to sb 對某人友好

        36 be from = come from 來自 eg :Heis from Bejing He comes from Bejing Is he from Bejing ? Does he come fromBejing ?

        37 be full of 裝滿……的 be filledwith 充滿 eg: the glass is full of water the glass isfilled with water

        38 be glad+to+do/從句

        39 be going to + v(原) 將來時

        40 be good at(+doing) = do well in 在某方面善長, 善于……

        41 be good for 對什么有好處 eg : Reading aloud is good foryour English

        42 be happy to do 很高興做某事

        43 be helpful to sb 對某人有好處

        eg : Reading aloud is helpful to you 大聲朗讀對你有好處

        Exercising is helpful to your bady 鍛煉對你的身體有好處

        44 be in good health 身體健康

        45 be in trouble 處于困難中 eg : She is in trouble They arein tronble

        46 be interested in 對某方面感興趣

        47 be late for = come late to 遲到 eg: Be late for class 上課遲到

        48 be like 像…… eg : I'm like my mother

        49 be mad at 生某人的氣

        50 be made from 由……制成(制成以后看不見原材料)

        51 be made of 由……制成(制成以后還看得見原材料)

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